ilhelm III Ludwig, German Emperor, Protector of Austria-Hungary, Switzerland and Burgundy, Prince of Italy, Landgrave of Upper Alsace, Burgrave of Stüttgart, Duke of Schleswig and Holstein, of Bergamo and of Arber, Marquess of Rhodes, Count of Hohenzollern and of Bunë, Baron Hafenfrölich and of Begej, Lord of Landshut and Bayreuth,

Grand Master of the Order of the Iron Cross, Sovereign of the Most Illustrious Order of the Swan, Great Collar of the Imperial Order of the Cross of Saint Mary, Great Cross of the Orders of the Trident, of Our Lord of the Seafarers and of Charlemagne, Great Officer of the Order of the White Eagle, Commander of the Orders of the Black Pearl and of Saint Stephen, Officer of the Order of Saint Lawrence, Recipient of the Orders of the Edelweiss and of the Black Eagle, Member of the Order of Fidelity and Merit of Slavia and Bearer of the Cross of Strauss.

et it be known by all that on this third day of january of the year two thousand and twenty we have decided to appoint our friend the Lord Frederick Karl Reis, Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Pottyland, to the most distinguished rank of Commander of the Order of the Iron Cross, honoring the friendship stablished in two thousand and four, when prior to the Restoration of the Empire our esteemed friend allowed our High Kingdom to develop its first official liaison with a country from outside of our original linguistic hemisphere.

Sixteen years have passed since the time we took the initial steps in the direction of building through Lord Reis a virtuous bond with the Kingdon of Pottyland. Such exchange has not been forgotten by us, and this commendation today goes as proof of the good faith in which we wish to renew our friendship.